ICM has a proven track record in the collection of arrears from sitting tenants and absconders for both Landlords and Letting Agents

For Landlords


We have the knowledge and access to the resources that will enable us to swiftly find your absconder no matter how old the debt is. Once an absconder is traced our many years experience in debt collection will ensure that your arrears are addressed promptly.


Let the real experts in collecting money handle the finances of your portfolio of properties. We undertake a proactive approach to managing tenants monthly or weekly payments. Defaults are swiftly handled by our experienced account handlers who monitor each tenant's payments on an individual basis.


ICM adheres strictly to OFT guidelines in respect of handling client funds. All monies are retained in separate clients accounts and are subject to monthly reconciliation. Our unique application process enables us to credit check your prospective tenants and will also ensure that we are able to quickly reconnect with any absconders.


Tenant won't or can't pay? Our experienced legal team will guide you through the eviction process.

For Letting Agents


We offer a bespoke credit control service, which is both cost effective and professional. This will result in savings in general staff costs e.g. PAYE, holiday absence, agency staff and sickness cover and thereby increasing your net profit.