We will provide a service that is:

  • Accurate, reliable and informative
  • Tailored to the needs of the individual client
  • Explained clearly and in detail
  • Handled in a professional manner
  • Respects the expectations of the individual client

A Systematic and Common Sense Approach is Essential

Times are harder for both businesses and consumers and thus payments are often delayed encouraging cash flow problems. Add to this, the fact that litigation is often long, drawn out and costly to the creditor.

Using a common sense approach ICM undertakes to action each matter individually within the parameters agreed with our clients, to ensure a rapid and cost effective recovery.


  • To consider each instruction individually and assign to a particular collector with relevant experience to assess the most pro-active collection procedure.
  • To offer a commission-based (no collect, no fee) telephone debt recovery service for all businesses in an effort to collect monies without the need to resort to litigation.
  • Ensure all our staff are fully trained and aware of the public relations aspect of our customer's profile.

Legal Procedure

  • Preparation and issue of legal proceedings.
  • Entry of Judgment in any default, or if defended, handling the full litigation procedure.
  • On agreement, court fees will be paid by ICM and invoiced to the client after the filing of papers at Court to avoid unnecessary delays.


Once a County Court Judgment (CCJ) is obtained, our Solicitor will advise on the best method of enforcement appropriate to your case. Advice will include all options available including insolvency (statutory demands, bankruptcy petition and winding up petition), the likely costs and fees associated with each option, and a recommendation.